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Sermons preached by Bishop Patrick Bruce at the True Vine Cathedral, Lighthouse Chapel International, Bantama, Kumasi, Ghana

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Three Things That The Blood Is Doing For Us.


Bishop Bruce preaches about the blood of Jesus Christ and the things its doing in our lives.
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Eight Qualities Of A Good Shepherd.


Bishop bruce preaches about the attributes and qualities of a good shepherd
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The Culture Of Allegiance.


Bishop Bruce preaches about allegiance and whom to owe your allegiance to as a christian.
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Signs Of Disloyalty Part 1


Bishop Bruce talks about about disloyalty and symptoms to watch out for in a person who is disloyal.
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Stages Of Disloyalty


Bishop Patrick talks about the stages of disloyalty and in this episode he talks about how to fight disloyalty as a christian
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Why Loyalty?


Bishop Patrick talks about why its necessary to be loyal as a Christian
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Where The Anointing is Honoured, It Works Wonders


Bishop Bruce teaches about how we can change our anointing levels, thus by having conviction, aasking questions and having a change of mind.
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The Covenant and the Anointing.


Bishop Bruce preaches about what it means to have a covenant with God.
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The Process Of Achieving Great Things.


Bishop Patrick Bruce ends the year by teaching us how to achieve great things in the coming with God.
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The Effect Of Our Salvation.


What it means to be saved,Bishop Patrick preaches about what Jesus Christ did for us by sacrificing his life.
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