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Sermons preached by Bishop Patrick Bruce at the True Vine Cathedral, Lighthouse Chapel International, Bantama, Kumasi, Ghana

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Supernatural Provision


Bishop Bruce preaches about how God can provide for you supernaturally without you even expecting it.....08-10-2017
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What It Means To Be Linked To A Prophet Of God.


The blessing of having a prophet in your life,Bishop Patrick explains the blessings in having a prophet.
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He That Hath-Breaking Curses.


A series of He That Hath
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How Does God Make People Wealthy?


Our daddy preaches from the book of our father Bishop Dag Heward Mills (He That Hath) where he teaches us that wealth is from God and that we can wealthy without compromising our Christianity.
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Giving Life Meaning And Purpose Through Soul Winning.


Bishop Bruce preaches about soul winning and how helping to win souls can give your life purpose and meaning.
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How You Can Become A Strong Christian


Sunday Service
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Why Are You Not A Soul Winner.


Bishop Patrick about soul winning and why it is a good thing to win souls.
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Your Response To Your Father.

Bishop Patrick preaches about the blessings of fathers and teaches how it is unwise to underestimate the blessings of fathers
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Reasons Why You Should Be A Soul Winner.


Our Father preaches from the book "TELL THEM" where he teaches us how to win souls.
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The Sower And The Soil


Bishop Patrick preaches about how we as christians at a point in our christianity will have to bear fruits thus sow into the life of other new believers(soil).
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